Kids Piano Lessons Preston

Kids Piano Lessons PrestonKids Piano Lessons Preston

Kids piano lessons Preston can be a lot of  fun and also a great way build your child’s confidence and academic abilities from a young age. Simon is experienced working with kids through all facets of music, children’s sports and school studies.

The main focus while learning during kids piano lessons is woking on sight reading and key features to piano technique, but this is achieved with fun music. Many students wish to learn blues, TV and movie theme songs, songs they hear on the radio and popular classical music. We even offer performance and recording opportunities giving all kids something to work towards as they grow. The most important thing is that they enjoy what they’re doing and a build a passion for music.

AMEB Style Kids Piano Lessons Preston

Many students take part in the AMEB piano examinations or the AMEB piano for leisure examinations helping them track towards future goals. Students are able to select pieces that they enjoy whilst building their musical abilities. Be confident that your child will learn the correct piano techniques and attitudes from a professional instructor so they grow.

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