Piano Lessons Preston

Simon offers fun and interactive piano lessons and keyboard lessons in classical,  contemporary and jazz piano from his home studio in Preston.  The emphasis of piano lessons is enjoying to play and building a passion for music whist reaching your individual goals. With years over 10 years experience as a professional pianist and piano teacher you can be sure you’re in the right hands. Listen to Simon’s own playing here

Piano Lessons Preston

Classical Piano Lessons Preston

Focussed on piano technique and sight reading, students will learn to play from notated piano music across any genre of interest. Styles of music range classical to contemporary pop and rock. AMEB exams are also available for students who wish to track towards a specific goal. The studio has a professional 121cm Alex Steinbach piano to learn on.

Jazz Piano Lessons

Focussed on piano technique and improvisation, students will learn to follow lead/chord sheets and create their own jazz improvisations. Sometimes students will build on their skills by improvising along to backing tracks and learning to appreciate some of the great jazz music throughout the 20th century.

Contemporary Piano Lessons Preston

A favourite song you want to learn to play? Contemporary lessons cover chord structure, chord progressions, melody + harmony, song structure, rhythm + feel and song-writing.

Kids Piano Lessons Preston

Kids piano lessons can be a lot of  fun and a great way to help your child build confidence and their academic abilities from a young age. We offer performance and recording opportunities for all kids giving them something to work towards as they grow. Many students wish to learn songs they hear on the radio, TV and movie theme songs, blues and popular classical music. The most important thing is that they enjoy what they’re doing and a build a passion for music. Some students take part in the AMEB piano examinations or the AMEB piano for leisure examinations helping them track towards future goals. Students are able to select pieces that they enjoy whilst building their musical abilities. Be confident that your child will learn the correct piano techniques and attitudes from a professional instructor so they grow.

Keyboard Lessons Preston

Lessons are also offered on a keyboard for those learning from one at home or for those wanting to explore  the world of the synthesiser. From electric piano sounds to vintage synth patches, learn how to utilise a keyboard to support a band or create your own music through layered recordings. Also learn to record through Logic X and perform live through Mainstage 3. The studio contains a dedicated rolland keyboard and sound system.

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