Simon D’Aquino Piano Vocal Studio

Lessons Offered

The Simon D’Aquino Piano Vocal StudiSimon D'Aquino Piano Vocal Studioo in Preston offers and singing lessons to students of all ages. Suitable for those on the professional level or those who are just starting out. Simon has over 10 years experience as a teacher and performer and is able to provide simple down to earth instruction for beginners or great insight to improve a more advanced performers technique.

The studio holds regular performance nights, recording opportunities and exam enrolments giving all students the opportunity to work towards something. All students are encouraged to work towards a goal whether it’s an external opportunity or one set during lessons.

The studio even has a choir starting up in 2015!

Home Studio Setup and Location

Piano Vocal StudioThe Simon D’Aquino Piano Vocal Studio is designed for vocal and piano lessons,  with an Alex Steinbach Romance piano, Rolland digital keyboard setup, PA system, microphones, guitar, full recording capabilities, heating and air conditioning. Lessons are even offered online via Skype for those who can’t make it to the studio. Visit our contact page for location and bookings or find us on google.

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